Information Technology Support On-Call



LTD “YourSysAdmin” offers service on call to legal entities in the field of information technologies. Also, you can buy required equipment and licensed software with its warranty.
We offer both subscriber (IT outsourcing) and single service for your computer hardware.

What will provide our IT outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing – it is delivery of responsibility on IT infrastructure support to outer company under the basis of agreement, where a group of specialists is working on specific task for the cost of one specialist. At the same time, active company provides high quality and broad range of service. It will enable you to decrease defects in system and danger on the loss of data. It will enable to upgrade and renew equipment and provide software support by saving money and undertaking new tasks approved by client.

Range of Services

Software support.
Hardware support.
Network support.
Support of Servers.
Making and support of Websites.
IP – Telephony.
Delivery of computer hardware and software.
Installation of computer for architectural and design tasks.
Projection and calculation for new offices, being under construction or repair stage.

Our Objective and Principles

Quality - To provide high quality service so that client is to be satisfied.
Comfort - Broaden range of service and simplify life to client.
Progress - Do not stay on one place and always strive for development.
Responsibility - If you undertake job without responsibility it would be better not to do it at all.